IChEC 2018 Events

2nd Phase Plant Design Participant

Poster Competition Winners







Essay Competition

Essay Competition is intended to develop the skill and general knowledge of the participants to share their ideas of developing Indonesia's petrochemical industry. Contestants are challenged to put their innovative idea in easy-to-read yet informative essay form.


Poster Competition

Poster competition is intended to develop participant's creativity and general knowledge about the potential of Indonesia's natural resources in petrochemical industry. Participants are challenged to transform scientific information creatively into a systematic, eye catching, and informative educational poster for the readers.

Plant Design

Plant Design Competition

Plant Design Competition is out main event that aims to hone participants' plant designing competence and regional awareness by focusing on developing petrochemical industry through innovation in proccesing Indonesia's natural resources. Participants will compete in designing a petrochemical plant which is able to convert Indonesia's natural resources to petrochemical products.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving Competition

The Problem Solving Competition will challenge participants' adeptness on solving a distinctive problem on selected real-life industrial plant. Contestants will compete inproviding innovative solution to the selected problems given by petrochemical related industry.


  • 1996-2012

    Era of LRPTN

    HIMATEK (Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia) ITB initiated LRPTN. LRPTN stands for Lomba Rancang Pabrik Tingkat Nasional, a national scale plant design competition for chemical engineering students.It hasbeen held 14 times and has been supported by BKKMTKI (Badan Koordinasi Kerja Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia Indonesia). LRPTN facilitates its participants to improve their professionalism.The first winner of LRPTN 1 in 1996 was Rudy Ferryanto and Agung Kurniawan, clrptnhemical engineering students from ITB, with their topic : “Pembuatan Cider Vinegar dari Apel Malang”.

  • 2013


    In 2013, the LRPTN was changed into RFEC (Regional Future Energy Challenge) and expanded the scale of the competition to ASEAN region. This action was performed to cope with the modern era of globalization.

  • 2014-Present

    Era of IChEC

    The Indonesia Chemical Engineering Challenge (IChEC) is the annual event organized by Chemical Engineering Student Union (Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia) Institut Teknologi Bandung in collaboration with Chemical Engineering Department. IChEC is held as our attention to current issues related to chemical engineering discipline, IChEC and social-politics as a big picture. Our vision is to boost young leader’s awareness and spirit, especially chemical engineering student, to become a future leader with global vision who able to solve global problems based on not just Chemical Engineering knowledge but also related multi-discipline skills. This event has reached its 20th year since the initiation. The competition is now open for students not only from Indonesia, but also from Southeast Asia countries. Formerly, IChEC was well-known as Lomba Rancang Pabrik Tingkat Nasional and Regional Future Energy Challenge. Since plant design is not the only event and chemical engineering is not only concern in energy, our grand event has evolved to Indonesia Chemical Engineering Challenge.

  • About Bandung

    The Paris of Java

    Bandung, a shopping destination favored by local and international tourist has many places for entertainment, culinary, nature, leisure, and also night life. Bandung is known for its wide variety of factory outlets, boutiques, cafés, and restaurants. Its highland cool air, beautiful greenery, and relaxed atmosphere makes it a destination to get away and unwind. You can soak yourself in the natural hot springs in Ciater, enjoy the city lights and live music in a cozy café in Dago Pakar, shop famous brands for a great price in Dago, or go strawberry picking in Ciwidey.

  • Chairman's Foreword

    Adilla Latifa Adisti

    Indonesia Chemical Engineering Challenge (IChEC) 2018 is a regional chemical engineering competitions held annually by HIMATEK-ITB. I believe that these prestigious competitions can induce the skill and capability of chemical engineering students across the nation in order to take part on solving their country's problem. Come and enjoy the challenge!

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